Project Shut Down Easel

Not sure how common this is, but i just finished a proct in Easel. Every time i chnged, added or whatever something, I got a “Failed to Save” error at the top, and Chrome shut down.

I’s open it back up and add one item perfectly fine, add another and it shut down on me again.

Is my carve too detailed as an SVG? Did i break the Easel? Is there too much crown in my drink? I’m lost. in the end, the carve was done, and beautifully (if i don’t say do myself). I can post pics or the Easel file if need be. It was done on Poplar with the recommended settings (st to hard maple with a 60 degree bit).

Thanks for the help for future projects (@RobertCanning and @PhilJohnson l, i expect some profound s**t from you on this)

What do you use to communicate the X-carve with the computer?

… but now you sleep better at night. Right?

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Do you still use the everything tat came with the X-Carve or did you do a Pi upgrade or something?

You have a thread for this already, don’t you? :roll_eyes:

hit up google and look up how to allocate more ram to the browser you use. It is pretty simple and the only way I am able to do projects with lengthy tool paths or poorly made svg files.

I bought a computer JUST for the X-Carve. It’s only job is Easel, music and chat it up with the Inventables community whille in the garage.