Project stopped mid carve. can't connect now

Hey friends,. I was carving out a little project for my friend when mid carve the machine stopped working. I wasn’t able to get connected again and still can’t. When I log out of easel, restarted my computer and logged back in, I got the usual clunk. But every few seconds, all my motors hum. They hum for a few seconds and then stop. When I unplug my USB from the controller or computer they hum continuosly. I checked my connections and I don’t believe thats the issue. I tried to move my machine with UGS software but unable to. Any thoughts?

I’ve been able to connect once since this has happened. When I open easel and log in, my machine motors bump for a few seconds then turn off. There is silence for a few seconds then they all bump again… This happens until I log out. If I turn my controller off they obviously stop. If I unplug my controller usb they all bump for an extended amount of time. The motors do not turn on but the do make a sound. Not a bad sound.