Project X,Y zero or GO TO option

I have made a 90 deg holding corner to set all my projects to align to the same X, Y bottom left corner.
I would like to set this corner as a “project home” and after “zeroing” the tool to send it to this location every time.
is it possible to add an option to send the machine to a designated location by giving it X,Y, Z desired location?
it would be useful to have the location of the tool related to Zero.

this option I am asking will solve a lot of problems to run multiple tasks that start from the same point.
if I need to replace the working peace, I need to move the tool, and the set X,Y again, that could change and give me miss alignments. also hen replacing a carving bit, if the tool moves, by mistake, it will cause miss alignment.
what I am asking for will solve both common issues, if I re-zero the tool and send it to my home set coordinates.

please advise,

If you have homing switches installed you have the possibility to do this.

  • Work zero is stored as an offset value relative to your switches
  • Parking spots G28 and G30 is also stored as an offset value relative to your switches

So when you fire up the machine, do a homing cycle ($H) you syncronise machine coordinated to work coordinates. So if for any reason you need to re-align things simple do a homing cycle and you can use previous work zero over and over.

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