Project you are most proud of

I’m proud of this not so much from a machining perspective, although that played a big part, but from a design perspective, it was definitely one of the more complex projects I’ve done, and I feel came out very close to the vision:


Only having the first few pics on my screen, at first i thought i was some kind of aircraft carrier thingy!

BUt the reality of it is cooler.

It looks just like your avatar.:laughing:

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Styrene sheet

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Roll Tide!!!



First carving with multiple bit changes. Cut in easel then vcarved with fengrave. Given as a gift to a Marine Corps vet. To see the look of joy on his face meant the world to me.


Absolutely fantastic @ShaneBell - do you mind sharing the Easel project?

I am not sure if that is possible. I obtained usage rights to make these from the Marine Corps trade mark office. and I am unsure if I am able to share the files and images used.

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You can buy a hobbyist license to use the symbol for $30 a year


My father gave 8 years of his life in Vietnam, and has been suffering as a result of agent orange for the last 10 fighting diabetes, respiratory issues, parkinsons and a variety of other related complications, it’s WELL worth it to spend $30 to be able to use the logo as a gift for him.

I’d happily pay 10x that to support the USMC and our troops.

Semper Fi!

@ShaneBell - I’ll ping you once I have the permission, if you wouldn’t mind sharing it then, I’ll make sure it doesn’t get shared.


I just got my X-Carve set up, and have virtually no experience with woodworking, so I was amazed what I could do by listening to others on this forum, and watching a couple youtube videos on wood finishing.


Real nice. Did you find a website for the GIS info or did you trace this and build the file yourself? I have wanted to makes these but did’t know how to take the info and convert it into vcarve pro. Thanks for any help.

That is a wonderful piece of machinery. Great job.


I used a few different instructions but mostly this one:
And traced off of this:

The video has you use jscut but I ended up just using easel.

@shanebell that is a beautiful piece of work! I don’t want this tread to go down the rat hole of licensing, but…

This is from the HQMC web site. Summary - as long as you don’t advertise you can sell it.

“Can I create and sell products directly to Marine Corps members using the Marine Corps name and Eagle Globe and Anchor without a license agreement?”

The commercial sale of Marine Corps products requires licensing. However; if you are a business owner, let’s say you are a custom t-shirt manufacturer and a service member approaches you about making 25 custom t-shirts for their unit. In this case you may create and sell to them the custom product they are requesting. However; if you are not licensed you may not advertise that you can create Marine Corps branded products. Only official USMC Licensees may advertise their Marine Corps branded products. Permission to create Marine Corps products is not given to the private business owner rather, Department of Defense employees, USMC veterans, retirees, active duty members and their immediate families have permission to use the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on personal products. Such items may include, welcome home banners, cakes, t-shirts and invitations. These items must be intended for personal use and not for sale, advertising or potential endorsements. All such custom products must adhere to USMC design guidelines. If you are at all confused regarding this matter please contact the Trademark Licensing Office.


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I made this heart shaped box for Valentine’s Day. My woodworking skills were non-existent before the Xcarve. It is a modified version of a Vectric project using Vcarve Pro.