Projects not finishing

Using Easel and the project says complete before finished cutting. Currentlybsurfacing wasteboard and project won’t go to completion.

This thread discusses some possible issues and solutions.

X-Controller disconnections with PC part way through the job

Had that problem. Turned the speed on my makita below 2 and hasn’t happened since.

Only had dewalt speed at 1. Tried the project again and it went to 95% and the machine stopped moving. The bit kept spinning in place and never returned home. I don’t know why this is happening but I’m blaming Easel. I make 99% in vcarve. The few time I use solely easel, I have issues.

Hi Tom,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble. If there is a problem with an Easel carve, if you submit an error report to Inventables it will capture detailed information about your carve and someone from our CS team will follow up with you.

To submit an error report, click “No” when Easel asks if everything turned out ok (it will ask this whether the job finishes on its own, or if you have to interrupt it by clicking “stop” or by unplugging the USB cable). Then click “get help from Inventables” and enter comments about what happened. This creates a case for our team to follow up on, and it will also capture all of the g-code, project settings, etc. for us to look at as well.