Projects Page Update: Search Function is Live!

Guess what?! The Inventables Projects page has been updated with the ability to search projects!! :tada:

You can now search for your favorite projects on the lefthand side of the browser by Title, Subtitle, Description and User’s Full Name.

We’ll be continuing to make updates to our Projects page in the future, but we’re excited to announce this highly anticipated search function!

Head on over to our Projects Page to see it for yourself.


Search engines have been around for a long time…we’re happy you caught the vision. :wink:

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Nice add. Will get tons of use, I’m sure.

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Any info on how to download the project files or the zip files linked on each project page? None of the links seem to work for me.

I just tried the search function. It works great! I tried topics such as toys and I also tried makers names. This is a long over due feature. Thank you to all the Inventables team for getting this out to all of us.

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Most projects can be opened in Easel and then copied. If you search my username you’ll find a couple of them to test on. (I really should look and see if I have any more worth sharing.)

But a LARGE number aren’t shared in a way that can be opened … which to me defeats the point.

Inventables… a good future add to the search would be to be able to exclude such projects. Or frankly get rid of them altogether. Make it so you have to share the file for it to show in the project section.

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