Projects page

Why when i click on a open in easel button it says, the project hase not been shared. I thought the purpose was to share your great work to other folks. I dont understand it. heck i clicked on one and it wont even open easel, but there is a button that says it will.

I just checked a couple of projects and the Easel files opened as they should.

alto of times this happens when people share the link to there easel project but do not share it actually within easel to make it open to the public

It happened to me lol I had to go back and change all my projects and share them all

the best way to see if someone will share the project is to write a comment or send them a message and hopefully they will reply let me know if you find a problem with one of mine

I go by Edalton on the projects page

The Projects page should be restricted to those projects that users wish to make available to other users. If someone wants to show off what they have made but not give files and details etc to other users then there should be a gallery page.

I have almost stopped looking at the projects pages because so many entries give a “not available to the public”

I totally agree. a page to show off the cool pieces people make then keep the projects as it should be for the ones who want to share plans and specs about them.


oh yeah i have looked at all the projects and there needs to be some cleaning house within the different projects there are multiples and projects that have nothing in them

I think its okay for people to showcase what they are making and not necessarily share the files to build it because lets face it alot of us people have bought the X-carve to turn into a business so if we give all the files away there is no money to be made lol

and really alot of the time you can look at something that someone made and reverse engineer it come come up with your own desgin plus people that bought the X-carve are creative people and like making new things unless you are simple using the machine for production of products that someone else desgined then the plans should cost money and I believe inventables allow a license for this which the files can be purchased

but if we had 2 separate project areas to still show case everything but distinguish between the free and paid ones

its always been my believe that inventables should open and establish a market place for items that there machine can make