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PROJECTS Section Clean Up

Tags for searching, lots of tags. Include material, minimum material size, spindle type, size, and a bunch of tags describing each project. Sometimes I just want to see what I can make with that 11" wide piece of red oak…

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what about some sort of ranking? i think the user’s might help you do the curation by giving kudos or thumbs up to projects they like or that they think are helpful… it could even be a badge of honor on people’s profiles.

with something like that, searching and listing could raise more popular projects to the top… and projects that inventables curates as something they want to feature could have the most weight.

just a thought… i’m a big fan of crowd-sourcing information like this and letting the users do the work.


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I second this.

Much of the work could be done by the community with someone checking in from time to time.

This is getting interesting. What kind of rankings?

Most likes? Most page views? Most open in Easels? Most successful carves?

I also like the “report” button. The rate of new projects coming in is increasing and we are probably at the point where it’s not realistic for 1 person to review everything.

What should happen on a project that needs to get cleaned up? Should it turn it private and notify the user they need to fix it?

What qualifies as “acceptable”?

What do you think are examples of the different buckets?

OK to stay?
Needs improvement?

Maybe it would help to talk about some specific examples with links?

Maybe the projects could be primarily ranked on the amount of information they have. That would give people who want to legitimately share their projects the incentive to flesh out the page. So, a project that:

has Easel File (or relevant source files)
has pictures
has instructions

would bubble up to the top, while blanks, dupes, etc would fall to the bottom.

From there, users could rate each category of the project.

How clear are the instructions?
How good are the pictures?
How easy is the source file to work with?

All of these metrics would help keep the good quality projects at the top, and help the chaff settle to the bottom, where it could be culled at some regular interval.


Regarding the dups could you not do a validation to see that the easel project is unique.

rails has a uniqueness validator validates :link, uniqueness: true

An example of a duplication is actually my project for the contest in dec.

In this case I don’t really see any issue with someone deleting the ones that have the least amount of content if there is content and it is all different then at that you could set it as private and notify the creator. But that being said if there was a validator like above there would be less chance of a dup in the first place.

As for the what needs to be done when there is an issue with a project it would depend on the situation.
Ones that are quite clearly not projects see BradD’s post above(like this one These ones should just be removed. Its highly unlikely that its going anywhere and if it does then they can just create a new project.

I don’t really mind if they are short or just include an easel link but maybe thats just my feeling. But there really should be a distinction(if you decide to keep easel only projects) between the 2 sorts which there is not really at the moment. Which does just make it look cluttered and takes away focus from fully complete projects.

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Do you think an Admin should be able to delete a person’s project? What if this person put that image in there as a place holder?

Should the admin just make it private?

If YouTube deleted one of your videos I think you would be upset.

Should we have an approval step before posting?

Maybe the project doesn’t go “public” until certain bits of info are filled out? Then a user could still access the project, to fill it out at their leisure, but the public wouldn’t be able to see it, and it wouldn’t go into rotation on the website until it was properly completed.

This could have the side benefit of allowing users the ability to use the project template as their own “build notes” area for keeping a log of successful carves. Things like feedrates, tool parameters, tricks and tips that might otherwise get lost. Then, if a user wanted to share that info they’d already have it, they just have to click a “Make this project public” button and, if all the correct info is there, it’ll go live.


That’s an interesting idea. It might solve a big part of the problem in SQL query.

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I think the admin should be able to. Is there a need to create placeholders? There would be nothing stopping them from creating another project.

I don’t think you should delete them just because it is believed that the content is not good enough. I would also not make it private. But there is a place for someone to be able to delete the project if need be. If you’re worried that it may be abused then you could say email the creator a json dump of the content along with the photos. That way they can still contest the deletion of they want too and you just restore it from this. But that way it is not takeing up space in the database + photo.

Maybe if you do think it could be a placeholder then maybe you could put it into private for a month if there is no change by then. Then delete it. Otherwise it’s just taking up space do you really want to be someone else’s photo collection storage?

YouTube do delete videos otherwise there would be some horrible evil stuff on there. As much as I love the net I know it has a dark side where real evil goes on. Fortunately inventables has not been targeted but there is no reason why it could not be in the future and what would you do in that case would you just make it private.


I dont get it ?

oh yeah I saw that one and the foot print in the sand

There is something that I saw done on a forum a while back that may work here as well.

It’s been a while so I am a little vague on some details, but basically when a new project was posted, it was placed in a pending queue. It showed in a special category outside of the normal projects on the site. The project creator would then go to a section of the forums for a sort of project review. There selected members of the community would look at the project, and either approve it as legit, or give feedback on what needed to be corrected before it was moved to a more “public” status on the website.

Like I said, I probably missed a detail here or there, but the general idea is there. Given the open nature of Inventables and this forum, a community guided system like this could be a nice component. Of course, that is assuming it could be implemented without too much disruption to the current site and system.

I wish there was a way to view new projects. Maybe sort them by date.


I made a post in meta for adding flags to projects. It includes some links to the various types of projects I’ve been seeing here. I’m not sure what the policy is for some of them, for instance, people selling materials or, less obviously off-topic, people selling their own creations.

My impression is that the section is for people to share how they made something, not just what they made; it’s Instructables instead of Pinterest. I’m pretty new around here though, so perhaps my impression is incorrect.

Hey @BillBucket we don’t have the software tools built to do this quite yet.

Our engineering team is working on V-Carving and vector editing right now.

I’m going to try and see what we can do mannually in the meantime.

I agree. There really needs to be a way to filter the projects. By popularity (# of likes), newest, etc. There are way too many projects to just go through them all. :confused:

Great discussion and ideas here. Some brilliant stuff graciously shared out there, but the page is nigh Impossible to navigate.

I know this is an old topic but I just watched Marvel “What if… Zombies?”, so it seems fitting.
As someone who just clicked through almost 200 pages of “projects”, I can say there are some very random non-project files in there. And a lot of them don’t seem like anyone even tried to do any thing. Maybe they were accidental post, maybe someone’s grandma/pa is a really big Nicolas Cage fan(there is seriously a “project” that just has his picture and nothing else - nicolas cage | Inventables ). But there is a lot that could be deleted without hurting anyone’s feelings. Maybe when a junk post is found, check all the posts published by that user and review them.

Also I would love to see some new featured projects or collaborations with more of the bigger name makers.


Maybe even a reporting feature and after X number of reports its automatically taken down from the published site?

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