Projects that exceed usable work space?

Hey Everyone,

When I moved from my MPCNC machine to the X-Carve I went from a 36" x 40" usable carving area to about 22" x 22". This has not been an issue with most of what I am doing until today…

Now I have a project lined up that calls for a 20" x 36" work piece. I know that I should be able to carve it as two jobs, moving the work piece in between jobs. Carve 20" x 18", move the work piece and then carve the remaining.

The problem is… I am “stuck on stupid” today and cannot figure out a reasonable method of indexing/registration that will play well. This is not rocket surgery but I am lost…

Can you point me to any tutorials or guides that will help me through this?



look up tiling and you should find what you need there.

Thank you!!

Tiling was the key. I just did not know what it was called. Now lets see if I can make it work