Projects? What do you want to make with your X-Carve?

My first project plan is fairly simple by the standards around here, a buddy from college and I are planning to make a wooden version of the Settlers of Catan board game. After that? Probably a lot of signs, plaques, detail carvings for my other woodwork, and parts for my dad’s in-progress homebuilt aircraft.


I plan on using the CNC to help streamline my wooden toy gun business. (Pine Armory)


This is awesome! Good luck and I cannot wait to see some finished products.

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Thanks! I typically don’t have time to paint but here’s a finished model:


@SeanKeplinger WOW those two are incredible! Do you have a website we could see more at?


I have a set of bookshelf speakers in the works. Took apart an old iPod rock to do a mockup set with. Plus the wife really wants some music in the living room. I’ll put some stuff up to see what you all think later

Do you have a website we could see more at?

With a little cyber stalking I found these:

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Wow thanks! I wasn’t sure about posting URLs. My shop pages are:


I currently make these 120 shot rubber band gatling guns on my laser, but would be great to be able to use thicker stock on the X-Carve and wouldn’t have as many pieces to deal with. Not to mention save the usage of the Lasers tube (those recharging feels are like 2k). So many projects planned. really want to see it work with milling aluminum parts.


Can the X Carve do thing like this

Yes it can! I was even able to download the software (iPicture) and run it (not physically on my S2).
The output is standard gcode. (you have to change the extension to nc)

I could see making great molds for vacuum forming, nice work!

This is the Shape OKO 2 Station I built for our makers group.

Fold down drawer front missing. Acrylic panels lift off and can hang on each other. Vacuum and storage in the back. <img src="//discuss-
<img src="//discuss-


Guitar stuff!

mainly inlay and templates

Also may incorperate it into these pokeballs I make, need to make a mount for the arduino inside the ball

Some inlay work I would like to achieve

maybe some pickup covers and hardware?


@JamiePhillips I love that flower inlay on the guitar neck, I’m definitely going to have do that one, just looks super nice. you mind sharing the cad design for that one with me?

Whoa, that inlay is amazing!

Sergio, that isn’t my work. Just something i’d like to do. I may draw up something similar soon, and once I have i’ll send it accross.

I’ve heard the X-Carve’s capacity for high enough precision to pull of PCB manufacturing is in question. I’ve never seen examples of milled copper clad stock, and I won’t buy one until I do.

EDIT: I posted a discussion on this and Inventable’s staff (MichaelUna) responded almost instantly with some pretty reassuring words and promises of updates soon to come.

Just so it’s linked here as well, here are some examples from Matthew White: Milling PCBs

One of many projects is an acoustic transmission line designed speaker box. anyone interested in helping out with this project (lots of math involved) is greatly appreciated. i’m considering making the design open source. might be a fun community project :smile: either way. my desk needs these.