Projects your wife made you make

So my wife did not like the idea of me buying the machine but now she has no problem sending me pinterest things to make. Any one else? Lets start a thread of those projects here are a few of mine.


I’ve only carved a couple things for the wife, but she has a list a mile long. Told her I’d give her a family discount as my time is valuable…that idea didn’t go over well.


Love those love birds

I don’t know why, but I really like the Chez Cohen sign!

Be my guest bob.

Name sign for my son(wife requested). Saw the idea on here, can’t remember who’s it was.

My wife bought me an Xcarve last Christmas…now she wants me to make furniture. :confused:


You better get to work then! =)

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if that isn’t a license for hobby time, I don’t know what is. search “Flat Pack Furniture” and get started!

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making 157 of these for church Christmas party gifts


Here are a couple of the gifts and couple home pieces the wife wanted


Very nice @RyanEdwards! I like the contrast of the white lettering.

The picture hanger is ebony stained pine with silver metallic paint. The family one is light blue metallic.

did you hand paint the silver?

Yes it is hand painted

Projects came out great gents! Like some of you, at first my wife was a bit skeptical at me purchasing an x-carve since I’ve always only dabbled in woodworking, but as soon as she saw what I could make…look out! Lots of honey-do projects.

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