Proper placement of material and zeroing in the X CARVE

Proper placement of material and zeroing in the X CARVE

You can put your material any where in the work area. All you have to do is, move your spindle/bit to where ever you setup your work, I usually make it front/left corner. When you point to spot, tell UGS Reset X and Y, then move your bit to work piece, lower Z until touches to surface. I use zero probe, you can put piece of paper until stops moving then tell UGS reset Z.
This is for Universal Gcode Sender or Chillipepr. If you’re using Easel, work material must go front/left corner which your 0 point after homing. Then you have to set your Z same way.

Yes, so if using easel the homing or 0 point of X CARVE is the reference point alignment of the material and likewise with the Z

Yes it is. Put your material to front/left corner. What was I doing at the beginning, after Homing sequence is finish, I lower down Z all the way to waste board and make one small hole. That was my 0 point for material positioning. Of course you have to do Z 0 after that.

Thank you very much for the information and it help a lot. I just recently assembled my X CARVE last week and i am new to this machine application, i will try some test run on it.

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