Proper spindle for the *third world*


Due customs, voltage and shipping costs I am not ordering the wasteboard nor the spindle. The wasteboard has an easy solution, I order M5 threaded inserts and use a local shop to get a 100x100x1.8 cms mdf board… so here is the problem:

Where to get a proper 220V 50hz spindle? questions:
a) How important is the speed/electronic feedback control?
b) How much should the spindle weight?

Some thoughts:
-It should allow me to work with aluminium and wood
-It should fit some of the available brackets (I can create improvements later but I wish I can get it working with the included parts)
-I wish one that is not massively noisy (appartment use, but I can make an enclosure…)

I can’t buy the 611 Dewalt-like option (European 230v version is not sold here, and a similar one is only available in brazil and argentina), however I have access to buy one of the following ones:

  1. Plastic Skil brand:
    2 kilos, 33.000 RPM, 520W
    Diameter measured in the store: 62 mm

  2. Plastic Makita:
    1.5 kilos, 30.000 RPM, 530W
    Diameter is 62 mm too

  3. Plastic Dewalt:
    1.8 kilos, 31.000 RPM, 450W
    Untested diameter

  4. Metallic Makita:
    2.8 kilos, 10,000 - 30,000 RPM
    Untested diameter

  5. Bosch GKF 600:
    1.5 kilos, 33.000 RPM, 600W
    Untested diameter

  6. Bosch GFF 1600 CE:
    Untested diameter

Other options:

Any advice or answer is helpful!
Thanks a lot

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I have this router, or it’s local equivalent the RT0700CX, there are quite a few other users of this router here as well as it’s probably the most popular option after the DeWalt… It has a 65mm diameter body, weight is 1.8kgs

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Oh, maybe the weight in that page is including the other accessories. How noisy is that makita? which mounting option did you used?

All routers are going to be noisy. It’s better at low speeds.
I have a mount from another CNC router (similar to this but others withf this router are using the larger Inventables spindle mount (68mm) with a suitable sleeve or shim.

a) How important is the speed/electronic feedback control?
This is important You really do want some sort of speed control.
b) How much should the spindle weight?
The size of the mount will dictate the weight of the spindle. Anything over 2 kilos is too big.
Like mentioned, the Metal Makita is light, lighter than the DW611 actually.

Is router like this an option for you?

Regarding Noise, Noise is tough no matter what. You probably will need dust collection, and which makes noise too.
An enclosure may be necessary for your environment.

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I’d put in a vote for the Kress 1050 too. I’d have gotten one but the price was too high. The Makita was under $A200.

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Another vote for the Makita (which is what I have) and the Kress (which is what I want).

List of and discussion of spindle options here:

Thanks everyone for your answers

Which is the diameter of your makita? which option should I use when ordering? only the mounting plate and buy that one in ebay?

That list is quite incomplete, there is an spreadsheet too somewhere, also quite incomplete. Why do you want the Kress?

The body of the Makita is 65mm diameter.

The Kress is a very well made, robust little router designed for CNC. It’s more powerful than the Makita. It has a wider range of collets available.

I found a cheap spindle mount here, I use it on my Makita that is diameter 63mm ish, please note free shipping.

spindle mount 65mm

Please let me know what can be added to that list to complete it.

Reasons to prefer the Kress:

  • narrower diameter, reduces lever forces
  • real spindle, rated at actual horsepower, not peak
  • better clamping in collets, requiring less effort as noted by Geoff

The ones from my list, however they are hard to add without really having them and testing things.

I am really novice, so should I mark “none” when ordering the x-carve? is the metallic plate the only thing you need to use that spindle mount?

If I was ordering an X-Carve, I’d get the DeWalt spindle mount 30610-03. At 68mm, it is too big for the Makita but all you need is a 1.5mm shim or sleeve to fix that. Several users here have posted details on this.
As I need the 65mm mount for my other CNC router, I’ll be ordering one of the DeWalt spindle mounts soon.

Most of those are already listed in the U.S. versions — and aren’t all that great, didn’t seem worth adding the links. Did add the link for the Makita, and am glad of that. Thanks.

What about the bosch colt? and the colt spindle holder that you can buy wi?
thw whole kit
The metal makita comes with 3 attachments and I cant find one without these parts, and it is about 380 usd here! so I am thinking maybe I should get that kress at that price.

My boss travels to germany on april maybe I cant tell him to go somewhere to buy it. Anyone from germany here who knows a home depot store that sells it, that is easy for travelers to find?

The Bosch Colt has been reputed to have quality problems of late — see the Precise Bits site.

Surprised there isn’t a South American distributor for Kress — aren’t there machine shops which will make replacement parts &c.?

I use a spindle and inverter like these on my machine:
It’s very quiet, plenty powerful, and doesn’t blow chips and dust all over my shop.
For cooling I use a 120mm CPU radiator with 2, 120mm fans and a CPU water pump with a 50/50 water-prestone mix for corrosion protection.
It’ll run all day and never even gets warm.

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Hey! this opens a whole new option!

Are you using the dewalt 611 mount? I would prefer an air cooled one, like this one

I want to avoid more wires and tubes if possible, but maybe the fan make these versions more louder that yours? is 800W enough for working on soft aluminium?

Are you controlling the rpm/on-off of the frequency converter thru the arduino in the x-carve? or they are independant?


PS: Boss told me that he can bring the Kress but… maybe that spindle is a better option now, perfect voltage, perfect size to plug&play it

Both 800 and 1500 Watt spindles are listed on the rotary spindles page.

True. I didn’t saw them.

However, it is quite helpful when it comes directly from x-carve owners who actually use it, for example to get info about the mount he is using, etc. That page comes really handy once you pass the first doubt-all phase. Maybe with more details about compatibility and images of each spindle it would be very beginner friendly. I personally I am just trying to extrapolate a good smooth experience from someone to my 220V and decide what exactly I have to order.