Proper Stepper Grounding

I’ll be using NEMA23 282oz/In 1/4″ single shaft stepper motors ( KL23H276-30-4A) and a Gecko G540 step drive. I just noticed in the instructions for the G540 where it says;

“Use a shielded 5-conductor cable for your motor to drive connection; 4 of the wires go to the motor leads while the 5th goes to the motor case. Return the motor case wire to the drive’s power supply ground connection. Ground the shield to your electronics control box at the control box end only, leaving it disconnected at the drive end.”

The wire for the steppers that I’m using is 18/4 stranded shielded. Instead of buying all new 18/5 wire, and since the steppers have metal to metal contact with the X-Carve frame, couldn’t I just ground the X-Carve itself to the main controller power supply? Or would all new wire be better?

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Personally, the extra wire is overkill if you have the system properly grounded and the shield wire in place.

Just run the drain wires to the EARTH ground and that should be enough.