Proportional scaling lock added!

Hey all, just wanted to let you know about a new feature we added to the editor yesterday - proportional scaling!

Now, under the shape tab (with a shape selected) you can lock its proportions and the values you type into width/height will scale how you’d expect! This acts just like the handles in the corner of a selected shape, but now you can specify an exact width/height to scale to!



That’s a nice addition, thanks !

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Great addition!!

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YES!!! Thank you!

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Great addition, thank you!!!

Great update! Good to see new features being added to Easel.

For those of us who don’t need super complicated tools and just need to bring some basic SVGs in an scale around, Easel is an easy tool to get running without a huge learning curve.

Now, add Ramps control please. :smile:

Praise the Lord! I’ve needed this soooooo many times haha. Dragging and resizing till you get the right size can only get you so close…

nice addition. it’s the little touches like this that make easel easer to work with.

Any “Illustrator” like qualities are a nice addition. - Thanks!

Omg awesome. Wonderful addition.

Super, thanks for the work.

Well done!
I would love to see a freehand drawing tool as well but honestly that might be better handled in another program and then imported.

I think there was a pen tool, but it was removed due to functionality issues.

@EricDobroveanu can you take a look at this project

Each time I try and adjust the rectangle that is out of place, that is try and change the width or height, it acts weird. The lock shows unlocked. But if I change the height, the width changes, the X Position changes, but the height stays the same.

These are rect items that I created with an app.

@Andy4us I’ve looked at your project. There’s a bug when setting rotated objects’ width/height, where it can cause odd issues like this. As a temporary work-around, try rotating back to 0°, setting your height (or width depending on the new orientation) then rotating it back.

I’ve added the issue to our bug tracker. At first glance of the problem it doesn’t look like its a quick and easy fix. Hopefully we can fix this relatively soon.

This is a handy feature, but when I first saw it I was excited because I thought it was a size lock. It’s a constant fear of mine that I will inadvertently change the size of one of my objects by unknowingly grabbing and dragging it ever so slightly. I use a laptop touch pad so this would be pretty easy to do.

I have complicated designs with many individual components which could be easily messed up and I would’t know which object was off. This is especially the case with inlays.

So cool feature, but now how about a size lock?

I agree to need for a size lock. I have the 500x500 x-carve and need to split up projects to fit the space I have.

Having a size lock would eliminate a potential problem going from Project part 1 and part 2.