Protective Cover on Dewalt 611

Has anyone else removed the plastic film over the DeWalt 911 router off-on switch? I am finding that I have to press pretty hard on the film to turn on the router and that can mess up the XY position after I home the head. Should I remove that film? I am not in a very dusty environment.

If you machine moves that easily your motors might not be locking.
Also look into a relay and let Easel turn the router on and off.

Thank you Mark. Is there a command to lock the motors? That would be useful.
Failing that, where would I look on the forum for how to add a relay to the X-Carve?

@DoublasPauls check your GRBL settings in the machine inspector. Your $1 setting should be 255, but if it is not, which is likely if you can move the machine easily, you need to set it to 255.

  1. Go to Machine>Advanced>Machine Inspector
  2. Check the settings by typing in $$ in the Console box and pressing the Enter key, if $1 is not 255 then perform step 3
  3. In the Console box, type in $1=255 and press the Enter key


Brandon Parker

Thank you Brandon. Will give it a try.

Search spindle control or IOT relay.

Check out this thread as well; there’s a post from me about the Dip Switches within the X-Controller in case you have it.

Also, “not in a dusty environment” … Hahaha… I am chuckling as my X-Carve blows through MDF (spoken Glue-Covered-Dust). Making things on the X-Carve will change that!! Invest in dust removal and control for the X-Carve and your shop if you have not already.


Brandon Parker

Thank you Brandon. The $1 was indeed set at 0. I have changed it to 255 and see what that does. I kinda thought my “not much dust” was a bit far fetched. I do have the dust boot and vacuum everything after each use. I may also look into the relay. I am starting to see why Inventables left such a lot of extra room on the sideboard.