PS4 ControllerBox

Heyho CAD professionals,

I’m trying to make a box for my ps4 controllers, like this one
just for ps4.

now i found this step file of the controller:

So easy thing in fusion 360? i thought.

I tryed to cut this controller out of a box for the past 4 days.
but i always end up with this

and the middle section is still attached to the rest of the box.
The controller has some holes at the shoulder buttons resulting in gabs in the controller model and so the box is not cut completely.
So i know where the problem is but i don’t know how to solve this.
I tryed to patch the holes and thicken the patches to get a body. But when i try to cut this body it throws an error saying inconsistent geometry.
I tryed to enlarge the shoulder buttons to close the gabs but still got the same result as in the picture because there seams to still any connections i can’t find.

So i’m asking if any of you guys can lead me to the right direction or can help me with this project.

Kind regards


I made a Xbox controller stand for a guy using fusion 360. I found a 3d model of the controller, and essentially just “cut” it from the stand at the desired depth using the combine function.

That way you can have the controller tilted into a certain position etc, and was the easiest way I could think of while still keeping it looking more fancy than just a basic cutout

Hey Phil the 3D Model is the ps4 one the 1 At the end of the link Dosnt belong top the System.

Thats exactly what i wanted to do. the Problem is the Model is Not one solid Body and is assambled out of more components. The Main Body is just the Controller Shell and is hollow. The shoulder buttons leave a gab at the back and thats why when i cut Not the complete Profile is cut. The Space in the Shell is still left Ehen i cut and is connected with the Rest of the Box. Thats what you See in na picture.
I will make some more pictures when i get Home top explain it a Bit better.

Kind regards

I have limited fusion 360 experience but I thought you would be able to select all components from your PS4 controller model and make it one solid object then just ‘drop’ it into the rectangle above and cut the shape as TheWhittler mentioned.

So here is my progress in more detail.

this is the controller model i hide one of the shoulder button components to show that the inner of the controller is hollow.

And there seam to be a little gab between the shoulder button and the controller shell.
And there is a hole on the underside:

This hole is defined by two faces at the edge, so i can’t select the hole as a circle to extrude it inwards to close this gab.

so when i drop this model on a box:

and when i cut this out with the combine tool or with the boundary tool i end up with this:

this is still one body and not the thing in the middle is not a separate body as i hoped. at some points at the shoulder button parts the inner part is still connected to the outer side of the box ( because of the gabs) and there is the connection at the bottom.

The only way i came come up with, is to patch the holes with the patch tool and to make them to a body use the thicken tool.

But when i try to cut with this patted holes i get this error

So im still started with fusion but i don’t know how to separate the inner section or an other way to close the gabs without patching.

I’m thankful for every suggestion.

Kind regards


ups here the error message


What’s a sectional view look like of the inside?

Could you take that model and create an outside shell from it? That would allow you to just remove the whole thing.

meshmixer has a function that will “create a solid body” and there are tutorials on youtube

Here is a picture of the intersect analysis

there you can see the gab between the shell and the shoulder button cutout.

yeah that might be right but its hard to find any models of the controller that are free so i wanted to try it with this one, i wan’t be able to modle it by my self :stuck_out_tongue:

how would i go about this? i’m pretty new to fusion.

i wil have a look into mesh mixer.

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so Ive looked into mesh mixer and made it to a solid body. i saved as an .obj and went back to fusion.

when i try to cut it but it won’t let me to select the imported mesh. i thought i may have to convert the mesh into Brep but it then throughs an error saying it hast too many faces.

what do i have to make the new model cutable?

a big thanks to all of you already bringing that far and in advance for all the advices.


A question on the side how do i zoom in mesh mixer ?

on mine zoom is the mouse wheel

Not in my MacBook :thinking:

I would Love top Play Around with v carve nur i couldn’t Afford just yet.
I will defenitly buy it some Day.
Till then i wanted to lern Fusion. Thats why i am asking in that Detail.
I’m still new to the topic of 3D carving.

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So it has been a while,
sadly i have to come back with same sad news.

first of all i asked in the Autodesk forum how to solve my problems and one of the members was so kindly to give me a prepared model Autodesk Forum Thread

so my final fusion model of the box looks like this

I made my first 3D Cam tool paths in fusion (followed a bunch of tutorials floating around on youtube)
And watched this thing carve in excitement.
Carving 3D for the first time is truly amazing.

unfortunately, the controller dosen’t fit in the carve :frowning:
After some measurements i figured out the model itself isn’t accurate. the carve came out like the model

So long story short i still need to look for a better model in a cad file or need to find a better way to work with mesh files, because there are far more meshed controllers out there then cad files.

but for now a have to much other projects to do first.

Your fox

How’d you go with this? I really really really want one!

As I said the controller didn’t fit in there.