PSA: Check your dust collection system

On my recent carves I’ve noticed more dust hitting the table and not getting picked up by the SuckIt. Tonight, I was doing my machine checks (found 2 loose Vwheels!) and checked my Dust Deputy bucket.

When it’s that full, the cyclone is not as effective. I had noticed chips and such staying up in the cyclone part when they should fall down during a carve.

I swapped the bucket and started my next few toolpaths (didn’t create a lot of dust) and something still sounded off. The last toolpath had almost nothing being sucked up. I checked the suction and it was almost nothing.

I paused the carve and investigated. The vac container was clean (almost nothing in there…good job dust deputy!), the vac itself had good airflow and suction but once connected to the deputy, it started loading down the motor. I took the input hose off and BAM! the full bucket had reduced the effectiveness and there was a clog.

Cleared the clog, reconnected everything and the suction returned! Restarted the job and it was back to normal.

So, check your dust system! Cyclones don’t work as well when they get full.


This should be done prior to any job.
Even if your not doing much.