Pulleys can't move to align with belts

the pulleys are flush with y plates and the belts are at an angle and breaking due to it.

but when I remove set screws I can’t seem to move the pullets away from the y plates. they seem fully stuck. any advice?

Pictures would help. Sounds like maybe the set screws may not be fully loosened. Does the pulley free spin on the motor shaft?

be careful using the “fork” method. when removing a tight pulley off of a shaft press against the shaft with the force that removes the pulley. if you press with force between the pulley and the motor you are also pressing the shaft out of the motor. this can and usually will cause damage. “many years of experience pressing bearing from shafts”. not that it can not be done that way just be aware of the force and the damage that can and or will result from placing that force through the motor.

EDIT: google proper pulley removal tool to see different styles of pullers to get an ideal of how to distribute the force.

You can heat up the pulley with a cigarette lighter and then use a very big screw driver to put pressure on the back between the motor and the pulley. Be gentle but persuasive and stop a quarter turn before it breaks.

yes they seem to