Punisher skulls

i wanna see everyone’s 4th of july projects. i’ll post some of mine


Previously made but in the spirit of the 4th of July here are pics of a 3’, 5’, 7’ flags I have made this past year. I used the X carve on two of them for the unions. Nice work on the punisher skulls I haven’t made any of those as of yet.



I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but either the star field is on the wrong side, or your stripes are running in the wrong direction.
Nice job though.

Never mind.
I just looked at it again.
Yours is hanging vertically so it is correct.

Still on my first cup of coffee.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the flags very nice ! If I may ask what program do you use to do the wavy
flag ?

Although that could be done in Fusion 360, I’m guessing that version was not CNC. @SteveMoloney will have to confirm.

@NeilFerreri1 Thank You

IIRC Steve made his by hand and a axle grinder with sanding disk.

You can do it with Fusion360, fairly straight-forward :slight_smile:
Here is a video I made of the process:

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No CNC on the wavy, I used the below on it and to distress the big one


It would be cool to see a video of you doing this!

Someday maybe I haven’t had the time to video and "Learn’ how to edit the video I really don’t even know were to begin with it. This winter is dedicated to Inkscape and V carve Pro.