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Hi all. I’m new here, just signed up yesterday. I haven’t ordered my X-carve, but I’m on the very verge. I’m trying to learn all that I can while waiting for supply to catch up with demand.

I have considerable experience in 3D modeling, but not really of the kind that does me much good here in machining.

My question is:

I’ve noticed that there are 3D models for sale on eBay and am wondering if anyone has tried them. Thought they might be a good way to get into full 3D.

Thanks - John

Can you please post a link to what you are talking about?

3d models are free on thingiverse and the like

If you go to ebay and search for gcode and/or STL, you’ll find plenty of vendors selling downloads of gcode for 3D models that are set for a specific bit size.


Yes, you can download all sorts of free 3D files, but without additional CAM software, there is currently no way to carve those using X-Carve and Easel.

If you download a 3d model you will need a CAM package like VCarve pro, Aspire, MeahCAM, or HSM Works to create the gcode and a gcode sender like chilipeppr or universal gcode sender to send the file to the X-Carve.

Zach, these are the kind I was referring to, about the same as Michael posted.


Is Autodesk’s Fusion 360 one of the CAM programs that would handle the task?


You may also want to take a look at this site. http://artforcnc.com/
Then click on the bas-reliefs on the left side of the page. This link is the most affordable location I have found. Matter of fact some of the eBay sites buy their models from this place to then resell. Good luck and have fun.

Can’t speak for the vendor on ebay, but I have had some luck purchasing designs online. I bought a file from [makecnc.com][1]
[1]: http://makecnc.com

It came in several different sizes with a .dxf for each size. I had to tweak it a bit in Cambam, but it turned out great.

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lots of naked lady models on ebay haha

Isn’t it better idea get your machine first, put your hand on then buy graphics vector programs first. I’m using V-Carve pro and have plenty enough 3D art and clip arts. Inventables sells this awesome program. Just my point of view.