Purple Line / Cut Area

Can someone explain why this purple line / purple box is showing up on my design when I change the cutting dimensions? I can’t get rid of it or change it. I have never had this issue before.

Here’s a pic of the issue.

I don’t know if this helps but when i turn tiling on I see a purple box around the section that it is going to cut.

I am having the same issue, my piece is 18 in by 18 inches, using the longmill 30/30. How do you remove this? I checked the material options and I don’t see anything that says disable tiling? I am a newbie so struggling with it. at a standstill.

when I use tiling and see the window there is a switch for it. Again this is the only time I have seen a purple box. So this is only what I can talk to… It may not be the solution for you though.

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That was the key to the problem with the purple box that wouldn’t go away! Thank You.