Putting a curve in a corner

Good Evening Y’all, I don’t know how hard or easy this would be and I am still learning what can and can not be done.

I came up with a Texas shaped dish.

What I dont like about it is the sharp 90 on the inside corner. How hard or easy would it be to put a radius on the inside corner? Can I just run the detail cut with a 1/4 ball nose or something? So I have to use a different program?

I am still learning how to use easel to its fullest, so thank you.

I am using the second slide on this project

I didn’t do this with easel, but you are on the right track. I used a 1/4" endmill to clear it out and finished the last pass with a 1/4" ballnose to ease the inside bottom edge. You should be able to do it with easel even if you set up the last cut zeroed off of the bottom of the bowl and use a ballnose bit.

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Thanks for the info! I will have to give it a shot

Just use the radius feature in Easel.

Ok, didn’t know it had one… I will have to look. Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s on the editing palette.

He is talking about the rounded corner on the bottom inside edge of the bowl/pocket.

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Doh! I was thinking the ‘inside corners’ not the ‘bottom inside edge’. In that case, use a ballnose bit. :wink:


For this pick bowl I used a 1/2” bowl bit. For larger boxes I have a 3/4 bit, both with 1/4 shank.


Phil, did you use the whole cavity with the bowl bit or did you hollow it out first and then use the bowl bit for the last 1/2"?

lol, I do appreciate your answer anyway… I didn’t know bout the corner radius thing, so… Thank you

Hi Andrew

It was hollowed with a 1/4 end mill as the larger clearance tool, and a last pass with the bowl bit for the internal corner. Vcarve works out how much to remove and leave to be able to have a rounded internal corner.