Putting The X-Carve Back to work!

You could add a hinge to the middle of the top of the lid and maybe if you still hit the roof add a hinge to the front flap so that it folds in when up.

Otherwise you could just remove the back hinge and take the lid off and hang it by the front flap on the table.

I like your idea I have started to modify the design a little bit

one of my major concerns is what to do about a laser shielding material

in the model you can see it by the brown colored material but I am not sure what to do because that crap is super expensive it would probably cost 1000.00 or more to cover the door with that material anyone know of a cheaper option?

Why worry about the laser shield? most guys with the Jtec use them open frame no enclosure I would suspect if you were rolling a 35 watt laser with mirrors and stuff you may want to be that cautious but overall laser reflection on a 3.8 is not gonna be as big of a deal perhaps some regular acrylic with limo tent facing the laser? Or smoked acrylic/Lexan.


yeah you maybe right I just figured that I needed proper laser sheilding so I could check on my work without wearing my glasses all the time

and the main reason that I need an encloser is that I want to be able to run my other CNC Machines at the same time as the laser. and I am worried about cutting for example mdf and the dust igniting because of the laser