Putting things into perspective

One of my many other hobbies are sUAV - FPV Quadcopters to be precise.

While doing some house cleaning I looked at my Quads and how bland they look sitting on the floor so I decided to give each of them a dedicated stand made out of black MDF to rest on:

510 sized TBS Discovery PRO

190 sized GEP-ZX5

Gives me the vibe of being an Airliner CEO - Just missing the desk and a secretary :wink:


Did you make the stand on X-Carve?

I should do that for the quad copter we have at the office. That looks super cool. Love the black MDF.

You bet I did them on an X-Carve V2.0 =D

Also involved in the making were:
a 1/8 2F Straight ( black ) for Pockets, Contours and Dogbone Corner Drilling
a 1/8 2F Ball End ( red ) to round over the edge where the LiPo makes contact with the MDF corners
a 1/4 2F 60° V-Cut for the Team Blacksheep Logo on the bigger stand - Because why not?

And well… Fusion 360 =)

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Well done sir!