Puzzle Carving

First question- I am trying to carve a puzzle using the jigsaw generator in easel. Trying to figure out how to make the pieces fit, understand if they are cut separate it should be okay and generally fit and set it to an outside cut. Second question- i would like to just cut the outlines of the center puzzle pieces, could someone help with that. I combine but there are still some inside lines that show and would be cut. Thank You

Hi Sergio,

If you are using the “Puzzle Designer” app, there is a topic with some tips on how to use it here:

You shouldn’t need to change the outline cut settings after the puzzle is imported.

If you want to cut the outlines only, you can use the “select by cut type” option from the “Edit” menu, select the fills, and delete them. You might want to make a copy of the workpiece before doing that in case you want to get your original puzzle pieces back.