PWM frequency for Laser Driver, SuperPID

I’m putting together a system that will be able to quickly switch between milling or laser engraving/etching. What that means is that the PWM output from the GRBL Arduino is going to be connected to both the SuperPID and laser driver inputs. The SuperPID filters the PWM into a DC analog voltage, while the laser driver uses the PWM signal to enable the laser directly. So, they want opposite frequencies. A DC filter will have a smoother output as frequency increases, but the laser driver mosfet will have high switching losses, and therefor the possibility for overheating.

I know the JTech GRBL Arduino hex has an output PWM frequency of 1kHz, but the default is around 8kHz. SuperPID isn’t responding to my emails, so I was wondering if anyone else is ruining both a SuperPID and a laser, and what frequency you’re going with? Are any SuperPID users employing a PWM to analog voltage converter module to keep the frequency down?