Q's from a fustrated noobie

2 questions #1, I was carving a sign with vertical words, I get to the last 4 words and the xcarve goes about 1/4 of an inch up from what I can say was a flawless carve, I sit in amazement at an hour of carve is going great and messes up in the last 10 min with this offset. I have done what the fix says by adjusting the g-shield and hope this works. I wont run another carve until tomorrow, by wanted to know why this occurs or is common. I did adjust the wheels yesterday, but have done this carve already twice today. #2 This has to deal with vcarve pro. I have a lot of designs in varve pro that I have created, but just about every time I run them, the bit plunges pretty much clean through whatever and into my spoil board. I set the parameters and tool paths way conservative…as in im running bits at 10 and 5 in/min as to not snap bits off because of this issue. In other words its just not consistent with the carving. I have burned through a lot of scrap wood and hours of cutting with minimal results…easel has been a savior so far until tonight. any tips would help this frustrated keyboard banger…lol

It could be a number of issues but sounds like you might have an intermittent or loose wiring connection which is causing the machine to skip steps.

Are you able to reproduce this behavior on shorter jobs in Easel?

Please send a note to Inventables support and they can try to help you diagnose it on Monday.

I had several projects go great for an hour and then the X-Carve would go nuts and cut straight across the work. I finally figured out that I had the voltage levels set incorrectly on the gshield.

If the voltage is too low the motor stalls and misses steps, if the voltage is too high the gshield will go into thermal protection and miss a step.

When you are using UGS to send the gcode from Vcarve you need to be 100% certain that you have the machine and work zeros set correctly. The easy thing to do is just check that the coordinates on the UGS screen are at zero before you send the gcode.

I life in Florida and my X-Carve is in the garage. Because of that I’ve had some heat issues where after a 1/2 hour or so the machine freaks out. A small desktop fan on the Arduino/GRBL box has fixed this and I haven’t had any issues for quite some time (knock-wood).

Are you running the 300w 24v spindle? Mine would do the same thing. Fixed it by throwing the spindle in the trash and getting a dewalt trim router

Update:: i did turn the voltage up on the g-shield and ran the carve 3 times now. Flawless. I guess it was the voltage issue. Thanks for the suppoet n ideas, and the vcarve issue was solved with help. Thanks everybody