Question about belt tension clips

So I am putting the x carve together and had a question about the tension clips on each belt there is a tensioning screw I got that figured out fine but the instructions never really show the other end of the belt I currently only have the 1 screw going into the t slot nuts just wanted to make sure this was right anyone got some insight ? The picture is of the belt clip opposite the tensioning screw

By default, you use one belt clip with only a tee nut and you slide it as close to the Y end plate as you can. The other side would have the tee nut and another screw for tension adjustment.

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Just went and looked and the new instructions do not have a clear picture of the non-adjustable end of the belt. but rechecked the old instructions and they have several pictures of both sides of the belt. this is something that will probably confuse the new x-carvers as they would have no reason to look at the old instructions. Hope this gets some updates to the instructions.


I bought extra screws and put them in all the holes. I have 2 on each end; one through the end plate, the other in the t-slot nut.