Question About Bit Size

I was just doing a test carve of a bit holder. The holder has a series of round holes which some are .260 and one is .250. Now bare with me this was a test carve and was using a .250 bit. The machine did not cut the .250 hole and i was wondering why. Does the hole size have to be bigger than the bit and not equal to the size of the bit? Learning question.

Correct, you can fool it by telling the system that the bit is smaller, 0.240 for example. Or better still use a smaller bit or cut bigger holes.

Easel doesn’t have a drill operation, this has been discussed many times before. if you were to make a .250 hole with a .250 bit that would be a straight down drilling operation. if you make a .260 hole then the end mill will make a small circular pattern and step down to make the circle. hope this makes sense.

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Thanks makes sense now…