Question about carving pine

I am just curious as to why some pine will carve and cut clean and leave a fine dust like MDF and other pine will be stringy and messy and carve like crap? Some pine I have is scrap others are store bought when I need a much cleaner piece.

I’ve always had stringy pine. Only time it wasn’t was when cutting endgrain.

In either case, it should never leave ‘fine dust’. Your machine should carve ‘chips’ not dust. In most cases, if you’re creating dust it’s because your feeds/speeds are too slow.

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What feeds and depth per cut should I be using for v carving in MDF and pine with Dewalt 611

Just did some testing with 90V and 1/4 bit for v carving and cutting in MDF Pine and Ply and all 3 worked great at 100ipm. that should cut some time off my jobs been running 50 to 60 ipm. really only saving time on v carving though because I took the 1/4 cutting down to .0625 depth per pass which is half what I was cutting so double speed half the material still same time frame.

You should be able to push that 1/4" bit to .125" DOC. If it starts chattering too much, you know you’ve gone too far.

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