Question about downloading G code

kind of dumb but would rather ask than make same mistake. I have set something up in Easel the download the G code to run on openbuilds, now I am running a openbuilds 1010lead machine with all their hardware, but when I open the project to cut in open builds it does not go to the same coordinates. I know that this is the dumb part but do I need to set zero for everything in openbuilds?


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Yes, you do. On the left of the coordinate display are 3 seperate buttins for setting X,Y and Z Alternatively, there’s also a button below them to set all 3 at once, and also a probe wizard at the top for using a z touch probe. But yes, you would want so set the origin in reference to the board just as it is setup in Easel.

You may also want to use the calibration wizard (in the wizards button at the top) in order to ensure the machine movements are properly calibrated.

Thanks!!! thats what I thought but wasnt doing it my mistake good thing it was old wood

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