Question about guitar building

How’s it going? I’m looking into buying the x carve but had some questions. I builds guitars on the side and have made my own body shape templates, is it easy to duplicate the exact shape on easel to be routed out? And also is it hard to start the routing on the body center line?..sorry if my questions sound dumb but I know nothing about this stuff but and excited to learn


I’ll try that, thanks

I took a picture of a custom guitar, loaded it into Aspire and sized the picture to size of the material. You can do the same in Easel but you may need to drop the picture into Inkskape first and make it an SVG.

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I am sure my workflow isn’t the most streamlined… the bad news is, it is going to be very difficult to take a handmade MDF template and get the shape perfect by using easel by itself… i suppose there are ways using image trace, but they aren’t perfect.

if you can Draw the shape you want in another software, then that’s a head start. As far as standard body shapes are concerned, there is a wealth of knowledge available, as well as a pile of DXF plans out in the interwebs… And some good free software to help along the way.

I use mine to build guitars, as well as related stuff, and the machine can handle it! but I was starting at ZERO as far as design/CAD/software goes…

In regards to starting on the centerline, you would need to center your project at 0,0 and then set your router to the center of your workpiece. Easy peasy, I do this quite often.

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