Question about initial testing

I just finished my X-carve build tonight (good to get them at part done!); after updating the Easel firmware and installing the Arduno IDE I’m getting connected and am at the point where I’m checking to see if everything move the right direction - which brings me to my question. If I’m on front of the x-carve are the directional arrows on the software as I’m looking at the spindle or are they from the spindle point of view? In other words - when I press the right arrow the spindle moves left. Is that correct? Thanks for any clarity.

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The axis are not reversed. If your standing in front of the machine and you bring the router to the left corner closest to you that is your machine home. The right arrow should sent it towards your right hand corner. The up arrow should send it toward the back of the machine, the down arrow should bring it towards the front. Hold down shift and the Down arrow should move the router closer to the waste board, up arrow towards the ceiling.

Thanks for the clarity - even though I’ve checked my writing to make sure it’s as shown in the diagram it seems that all my axis are backward. I’ve got a call in to customer success to check it out. Thanks again

Can you post a picture.

So we just got done with our assembly and at the testing phase, but we have run out of time to troubleshoot set up.
Anyone local in the Chicagoland area need some extra holiday money and willing to get this machine up and running for us?

Please help.

Curtis - I talked to Customer Success and they helped me iron it out. I’m carving! Thanks!

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Awesome!! Can’t wait to see something cool. So let’s get going lol.