Question About Making Numerous Stars in Succession

I am a new user and I have been making a star shape. The shape is carved 1 inches depth and I want the star part. I have been able to make one successfully. I would now like to set up a production type setting. My piece of wood is about 20 inches long x 9 wide and I should be able to make 4 stars with that material. How can I set this up for a production run ? I have tried to it on my own but the z axis does not go back up to the zero position on the 2 nd star cut …it starts all the way at 1 inch …it broke the bit I was using because of this.

I was also wondering the the tabs function ( in the cut section ) means ? I have not found any literature on this.

Tabs are for holding the piece in if you are cutting all the way thru. You can position them any where you want on the star and use as many as you need. Not sure i am understanding your problem as far as the bit going 1". Can you share the file here so we can take a look at it?


Is this a newly assembled cnc?

Can you share the easel project to better understand what your carving.


Thank you for taking a look at this project. Here is the link to look at what I am trying to do.

I am trying to cut out 5 stars ( all the same width x length x height ) on the same piece of wood. I am just learning but when I tried to do this yesterday the z axis did not go all the way back up when it moved onto the next star so there was a line carved in between star 1 and star 2. I am also wondering if I should use a different bit. I was using a 1/8 straight bit maybe that’s not that correct bit.

Any insight would be helpful !

Thank you

I do not see anything wrong with the program other then if you are using a 1/8" bit it says you have a 1/4" choosen. Go up to machine and then choose general settings and see what your saftey height is set for.also take a look at the origin saftey height.


Great, thank you Wayne !! I will give it a look over !!!

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