Question about milling acrylic sign

So I’ve been tasked with making several signs for our company on 1/8" thick acrylic(red sign/white lettering on the inventables store). But I am uncertain what sort of feed rate I should use as this will be my first time having to work with acrylic and the person who did this before no longer works here. Any help would be most appreciated!

From what I’ve been able to gather online, I should use the following settings:

  1. Depth of Pass= 0.01"
  2. RPM= lowest setting, our xcarve has the dewalt 611

Looks to be in line with what i have used. Keep your feedrate around 80 to 90 in/m so it does not melt on the bit.

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Thank you, I forgot to mention that they want a 1/32" bit used so I would think that’d require a slower feed rate or is that 80-90 in/m range still good?

To be honest i would not even begin to use a 1/32" bit it will most likely break. Maybe switch to a vbit.

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Ah, I see. Would there be any particular vbit you’d recommend? I haven’t used any before.

You might try a 60 degree or smaller.

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Alright, thank you for the advice!

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