Question About Scrap Wood Dimensions


I have a piece of scrap plywood under a piece of maple that I am using to make stars. The piece of maple is 1 inch think and I am cutting the star all the way through. Is there a way that I can make the last pass of the cnc machine to make two tabs that I then punch out with chisel ? Right now I am using painters tape and glue to hold the star in place so it does not move on the final cut and it is working but seems like there could be an easier way.

I was also wondering when I do the cut through the maple piece I have it set at 1 inch and that goes though the board but on the cut setting should I be adding the thickness of the scrap piece of wood so the computer knows it’s there or does it not matter ?

No, you only set the thickness of your workpiece…
And if you set the material thickness to 1" and set the cut depth at the max, all the way down on the slider, and you use any of the cut types other than “pocket” then it will automatically turn on “tabs” which you can drag the yellow dots into position to hold your workpiece :+1::+1:

Cut type shows as a dripdown these days, but the button locations haven’t moved since this clip was filmed.

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