Question about stacking Grbl shield

I was looking through some pictures on google and saw one that had the Arduino and three grbl shields stacked one on top of the other and some wiring, Can not find the picture again of course,. looked to me like each shield ran only one axis. Three shields three axis’s. Would you get better performance out of the stepper motor? By using just one grbl shield is there any drop in motor performance when more then one is turned on.

No advantage. Just a waste of money.

Oh, wait. If you had three gShields with two motor drivers burned out on each one then you could use the three to run your machine.

Good one. Thanks!! Sometimes things people do make you wonder a little, either I am crazy or they are.

I know I’m crazy. Don’t have to wonder about me. :smiley:

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a much better approach is to purchase 4 individual drivers like TB6600/TB6560 or equivalent and connect direct to the Arduino. No shield, lot of spacing between the individual drivers, better current capabilities :slight_smile:

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i do not think it was a screw shield. I may have been 3 drivers stacked on top of each other but it looked 3 g-shields stacked on top of each other. I will keep looking. The 3 drivers stacked on top of each other makes more since to me. Thanks

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