Question about text depth using a Vbit

Hi there, My Name is Yury.

I have quick question to ask and I can’t get my head around what I’m doing wrong.

I have specific text, lets just “hello” for example, I want to carve at 0.25 inches deep using a 60 degree vbit.

No matter what I try to do, it will only car to 0.125 inches deep. No matter what depth I set, always 0.125 inches deep.

Any help or suggestions would be great.


When carving out a Pocket the V Bit will only travel as deep as needed for the sides of the bit to touch the sides of the design. If you want to force it deeper you may use a steeper angle bit, or a larger design…

In this example you’ll notice that the max depth is determined by the angle of the bit, or enlarging the design.

However you could use a line related toolpath type like “on the line”, “Inside the line” Or “Outside the line” and these toolpath types allow you to fully define the depth however, this can often leave the deign distorted. Always check the preview and enter your actual bit specs.


Thank you for this detailed info!

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