Question about using multiple bits for 1 project

Hey guys

So I’ve done a few small projects and have a question about bits. so I have a project I want to do and there is some smaller intricate corners and what not, which would be ok with a 1/8 bit. but there is also some larger sections to etch out, but would take forever with a 1/8 bit.

Just wondering how or if this is possible in easel?

are you able to cut some of the project with one but, then make sure it has the same home position then switch bits?

would i have to make a layer for where the 1/4 would cut and where the 1/8 would cut?

Hope that isn’t too confusing.

Thanks again guys!

They are working on two-stage cutting, but it is still in Beta testing. You can request access by going to this thread: Two stage cuts.


yeah you can do what robert suggested but honestly I havnet had good luck with it I just split my projects into multiple easel files and change the bit that way

I find that when the tool paths are generated they do not generate on all the correct things and its pretty frustrating when you have a .03125 bit cutting a circle on the outside of the detail lol