Question about wasteboard

I purchased a fully loaded kit minus the waste board and limit switches. I have 100’s do the switches.

Reading online about making my own waste board and came across one post that said the waste board comes with the rails to install it and doesn’t come with rails if I didn’t purchase the piece of mdf.

Will I have to purchase additional rails to instal the waste board I am making other do I just have to pay the 500 (shipping was 370) to get the rails? Or are the rails included and the only thing I am not getting is the mdf and the threaded inserts?

I think I know the post your are talking about, because it confused me too. When you order without the waste board you still get all the extruded aluminium that you require. The only additional pieces you need is some t-nuts, screws and the threaded inserts (if thats what you want to use for hold downs). I think there is another post floating around that mentions the exact amount of additional t-nuts and screws you need.

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Thanks. That post has me questioning it. But I guess time will tell… I’m still 90% sure it comes with everything except the mdf and the threaded inserts but I hate posts that are like that one that just confuses people.

here is one of the posts: Warning - If you do not order a wasteboard

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Is there any way I can add the missing hardware to the order?

I would call Inventables and ask them if they can add it to your existing order.

I ordered without wasteboard, I got the 2 1000mm extrusions and the 3 980mm extrusions, the only thing I didn’t get were the 144 threaded inserts and the screws to attach the wasteboard to the extrusions…

Here is the definitive answer to your question.

And yes - you can add items to your existing order. I did that on mine, and the Inventables support staff was very helpful and took care of me.

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Called support and the inserts and other hardware will be added to my order. Also left some feedback to change the order description and have it in the same menu as selecting waste board or not