Question for the Ages

Still pretty new here and I am loving the creations and help people have been giving. So I turn to you guys and gals once more. Is there a way to import a stl file into easel pro? If so what is the process and also if not what do I need to do to bring to easel

Hello Scott,

The answer is no. Easel Pro or Easel cannot import stl files. There are products for purchase or (possibly) free. Vectric is one mentioned and used by many but, with a cost. Fusion360 is free for the hobbyist.

Depending on how you want to approach this i would suggest searching the forum. Several more options are available. Most have a cost except for Fusion if you qualify (very loose requirements). Meshcam is another. But, I digress. It all depends on what you want.

Each have there own learning curve. You could find plenty of useful videos for both Vectric and Autodesk products.

Good luck.

I was afraid of that…

Here is a very brief video I’ve made to show the minimalistic workflow from STL-Fusion36-CAM
(terrain model used)