Question for those who have gone from 2gt to 3gt Belt drive

So I am wondering if those who have used both pitch belt have noticed a big difference in changing to the 3gt profile. I would think that the 2gt would be thinner but have the advantage of more teeth in contact with the pulley?

is this an upgrade you would reccomend @PhilJohnson

I upgraded to the G3 as part of a larger upgrade project. I have had good results
I have not had a belt slip, but I had not had a the G2 belt slip either, as the motor always slipped before the belt did.
So I am unsure if I really needed the belt. But I have been driving the upgraded belt a lot more aggressively without issue. ( I don’t know if a g2 could have taken it or not)

Here is a link to a post I made about a damaged belt that shows its size.

I have found that after I switched to the 9mm g3t belts and and 20 tooth pulleys that fit that belt. (All from open builds. I have noticed a significant difference in the torque I am able to apply. (Deeper depth of cut. Faster feed rate.)
Plus I recently drilled a slight shallow divit into the stepper moter shafts where the set screws contact the shaft. I replaced all of the pulley set screws with beefier ones. Plus blue loctite. Now I am pushing machine harder. So hard. I think I have to do some sort of y axis stiffening now.

I recommends 3GT belts. I use them in my build here.

I printed these for 9mm belts and they work great.


You can goto gt3 belts and keep your pullys. Google 1164-2mgt-06. This is a 1164mm long 2mm pitch 6mm wide, but it’s gt3 so it’s twice a thick so it a lot stronger.

3gt are 3mm spacing, don’t use them without new sprokets.

These are the same size belts just more fiberglass on the spine.

You changed to a 3mm pitch 9mmwide correct?

I was reading that 3GT (GT2-3M) belts have 4-5x the backlash of 2GT (GT2-2M) belts. Is this true? Has anyone noticed this at all? I see most of you are looking at this for a CNC milling machine; I’m currently thinking of using them instead of my outlandishly large 3D printer to prevent too much belt stretch. (also may convert it to a milling machine later…different topic).