Question for using 1/4 inch bits on projects

I want to use a 1/4 cutting diameter bit on some plywood to cut out a reindeer. Easel said it would take five and half hours to cut out with their recommended settings. The cut depth pass was 0.028. Can I have it cut at 0.125 and have it be safe/ not ruin the piece?

Easel speed values do not factor in the bit diameter.

Try a small test piece at 50ipm feed rate, 20ipm plunge rate and keep the 0.028 depth per cut. Increase if seen fit :slight_smile:


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0.028 is way too shallow for a 1/4” bit.

You should be going at least 0.0625 if not 0.08.

If it’s pine plywood, go up to 0.125. If it’s hardwood plywood, don’t go above 0.08.

I recently did some birch plywood using a 1/8” straightbit. 0.0625 DOC and 100 ipm. If I was using a 1/4” straight, I’d be running at 120 ipm and 0.125” DOC but that’s something I’m comfortable doing and if it’s cutting bad or has a problem I’d either stop the carve or adjust the feed rate on the fly.


JustinBusby, How do you adjust the feed rate on the fly??

GRBL v1.1f added it and Easel now supports it.

I use UGS so I do it through there.

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I do a lot of the bettle kill pine here in Colorado for signs what do you recommend for 1/4 bits for cut settings? I think the factory settings are to slow and need to speed it up

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