Question from Canada Eh!

Hi all, hope today is treating you awesome. I have a question and hoping someone may have some answers. I want to order an X Carve 1000mm but just wondering what the grand total might be once it hits Canada? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance,


I’m in Canada and I think the duty and taxes was about $150 CAD. The only thing I didn’t order was the wasteboard. This was also over a year ago, so take that as you will.

Thank you Rusty, that is not bad at all. I was guessing way way more.


Ya, from what I remember it wasn’t that bad. I think some others were a bit more. I’ll check to see if I still have the boxes in my basement tonight and double check.

Where are you Greg?

I’m just outside Ottawa and opted to have everything shipped to NY (Ogdensburg) UPS Store. I asked Inventables to ship everything at the same time. I just drove and picked it up. Paid $75CDN at customs. Even so, still saved roughly ~150-200$US from shipping. I bought the dewalt locally and opted to make my own wasteboard.

Well worth the drive for me…

Good luck with the purchase

I wish Ron but I am a lot further away in Alberta so I am going to have to get it shipped. But that’s okay, from what I have seen the X Carve is well worth it.

Definitely well worth it!

Hi Greg, I am in Edmonton and may be purchasing another machine for a friend. Maybe we could share a shipment.

I’m in Saskatchewan, so yours would probably be close to mine.

Have you had a chance to calculate the exchange rate on a unit yet?

I am also in Saskatchewan. I’m estimating my duty fees to be about $70. (however I did not order a waste board, X-Controller, or dewalt router)

That sounds about the same as mine.