Question on Accuracy of 1000mm version


I would like to buy the 1000mm xcarve version, but would like to get a better sense of its accuracy. I have seen a few posts on showing the pcb accuracy, but I would like to compare against what I currently have. I have now a small cnc setup with a good deal of backlash. This is an image I have cut, with the total dimensions 13x13m and 0.5mm endmill.

As you can see from this dxf file DXF File (filename is 15x15 but I cut it at 13), The outside rectangles should be square, the loops should be round (now it looks like on side is cut shorter) and the spacing is equal.

I know its a lot to ask, but if someone has a 1000mm and 0.5mm bit, could you try to cut this and post a photo? I could give a few dollars to cover materials.

Or if anyone intuitively can let me know if I should expect the same quality.



I don’t have the bit or materials, but after I got mine dialed in I was able to get .003" accuracy in X and Y, and .001" in Z. I can continually count on .005" accuracy, and that’s usually just an indication to me that I need to make an adjustment and re-calibrate.

Thanks Robert, when you say .005", do you mean +/-, so I could be getting up to .01" variations, or all parts are within .005" tolerance?

Usually they’re within .005" tolerance. Anything larger than that is usually due to me assuming the bit diameter (1/8" bits are usually +.001/-.005") or pushing the machine to where there’s excessive bit deflection.

This is good to know. Thank you.