Question on engraving on a 14" round

I am going to do engraving on a 14" round of Baltic Birch. I will leave a 1" wide full thickness outside border. The rest will be hollowed out 1/4’ deep except for lettering which will also be left a the full thickness of the round. The cut out area will be filled with epoxy. I have to change bits to do this.

I will home my machine first then find center on the round and make that my XY 0 and starting point. When I swap out bits I will home the machine again and select “use old XY 0” so I can get back to the same starting point. Does that sound right? Did I explain so you understand what I’m trying to do

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

something like this


everything sounds good in your notes. Only one thing is don’t forget zero out your “Z” after cutter change.

Thanks Ken. Just wanted to make sure so I didn’t waste money and a good piece of wood. However, I’m not sure what you mean by “zero out the Z”? Do you mean to lower the new bit to the work piece? If you do the yes I do that when ever I have a two bit job.

Thanks again,Duane

Yes, but if you did the stepper lock procedure then the rehoming isnt needed between the 2 bits.
Ken is refeeing to setting z zero to the same placement, so if you set the first bit z zero at the center and then carve that spot away that would be an issue, so youll need to set z zero at a place where youll also be able to set any additional bits zeros at the same place.

This is how to lock the steppers:

Inventables official method (can be akipped if the steppers are locked per the video)

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Thanks Seth. I will watch video and read the article. And after thinking about it the center Z might get removed. Thanks for your response.

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Good video. Will be trying this out in the morning. SethCNC gave me the link to your video.

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