Question on some bits I saw

So, I saw these bits at a flea market, if you can believe it. for 5 dollars for a box… but not yet having my machine. Im not sure the shank will fit, I didnt pick them up yet… but the guy gave me one to try. they are like tiny pcb bits. Will this shank go into the dewalt 611?

It appears to be 1/8" shank. You will need an adapter or collet for 1/8" bits.

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I use these collets…

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just checked out elaire. they are literally five minutes from my house. sweeet

Lucky! To get one of those collets shipped to me in Canada cost $20!

i could meet you at the Ambassador Bridge. lol. And while we are there, you can come down and help me assemble my x carve!!

AH that’s too far east! I’m in Saskatchewan! Too bad it’s not located in Montana or South Dakota!