Question on when to change tool if I would need to?

I want to cut a round ring out of wood say 3 inch inner size of ring and the ring will
be about 3/4" wide to outside diameter and maybe 1/2" thick deep board.
Like for a bracelet.
I was also thinking of making a row of small holes around the ring.
If I used double sided tape to hold the board down would I drill the holes first and then
cut inner circle and then outer circle of the ring bracelet???
All using the same type bit??? or would have to pause and change bits???

The order of toolpaths/cuts will be fine…holes then inner circle then outer circle.

If you can cut it all with one bit (it fits in the holes), I would do that just because it is easier :slight_smile:

Just realize, not every endmill is created equally and if you are “drilling” holes, some endmills do not cut straight down very well and you will need to slow down the plunge rate accordingly.

Which type would cut straight down aswell as sideways for the circles?
Maybe the holes would be 1/8" holes

I have had good success with these bits:

Thanks for the info.

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