Question regarding presentation

Hi everybody !
Did someone know what font was use in carved words " The Holy Anchor " in short presentation movie ?
Thank you for your time !

I grabbed the font from the graphic on “The Holy Anchor” from website and used the image in google image search. There are some fonts that are close, but none that seemed to be exact. I suggest you use the google image search and see if you can get close.

I think he meant this one…

Thank you for answer ! I will check the suggestion , hope find something . Best regards !

Yes , this is about … Do you know the font type?

Here’s the best one can do … take a screen shot of the best frame on the video.
Then run that through a web based font finder…

And here are the results:

Most likely they paid an actual graphic designer who made customized alterations to a standard font like these…

Wow! Good ideea ! Thank you , I will try this . Thank you for your time !

I mean… looking even closer at the videoz there is one more way to get an even cleaner image to run through the search… but I can’t tell u how I got this one :see_no_evil: not without Brandon’s authorization :wink:

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